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So, I am going to attempt to blog my way through the making of our CAPTIVE8 Productions, first fully self-produced feature length film “The Route”, a production diary if you will.

 Up to this point, other than my brother, writer-director, Brion Dodson, conceiving, writing, cajoling, fine-tuning and just generally giving birth to the story and script, we have primarily, focused on pre-production, items such as costumes, props, casting, locations, and the ever important, fundraising events and Indiegogo campaign.

This week started with a meeting of a sibling nature.  Negotiations, department heads being selected, hands being shook. Meanwhile other than some test shots we did for the William Tell sequence the very first photography will be shot this Saturday in a marathon shoot day, from early morning to the magic hour.  Stay tuned

“There have been two periods in my inner life, two idées fixes. The first period consisted of me working with directors with whom I totally identified, like François, like Jean Eustache. When I was working for François, I was like François. When I worked for Eustache, I was like Eustache. Same with Godard. In the second period, which I am living now, as we speak, I no longer identify with the director but with my character, and I get great pleasure working with someone like Olivier Assayas, who writes so well and is so intelligent. The third period I’m not so sure about—it could arrive any minute now.” — Jean-Pierre Léaud

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